Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday, April 17, 2009

Packing up and moving out

So this has been quite a eventful week for us. A huge 40-50 ton living oak tree fell on our house during a wind storm Monday morning, causing a large amount of damage. Here we are on Friday moving out of our house for 3-6 months(hopefully not longer).

This is how our week started: Wade was winding down in his crib for an early nap. I had just got off the phone with Michael telling him how crazy the wind storm was and that I felt really uncomfortable about the tree outside out bedroom. I don't normally get scared about this tree, it is living and healthy, but in the last month Michael and I had started talking about "what if the tree fell." Michael told me to go to his parents house to let Wade nap there. I hung up the phone with Michael and decided to finish my sweet potatoes, then take Wade to my in-laws. Too late. About 1 minute after I hung up with phone with Michael, CRASH! The tree had fallen directly into our bedroom, which is right beside Wade's room where Wade was resting. I sprinted to Wade's room and as I did, I vaguely remember getting a poof of attic insulation in my face and looking into our room to just see a cloud of dust. I grabbed my unharmed, terrified and screaming baby out of his crib and sprinted to the opposite end of the house from where the tree fell. I paced in circles for what seemed like 5 minutes(probably 15 seconds) with Wade in my arms deciding our best exit strategy. I didn't know if the tree was done falling or if it could continue falling into our house at any time. We couldn't go out the front door, I saw brick tumbling off our house and our front columns dangling. I opened the back door and only saw branches, but decided we had to dash through them to get out. I covered Wade's head with a jacket and ran out of the house. Thankfully the jacket had my phone in it and I immediately called Michael. I looked up at our house and saw that the tree had fallen directly on our chimney. If it had fallen anywhere else, we would have been hurt and our house would have been totaled, but that is not what happened. Thank you God.

I have never heard a louder crack in my life. It felt like my head had cracked. The tree removal company said that it was the largest fallen tree that they have removed in at least 6 months. We are all moved out and all of our clothes are now at the cleaners. We will be living with Michael's parents.

Thank you so much to all our family and friends who have overwhelmed us with support and offers to help us! We are so so so thankful for you.

Also, I am so sorry to anyone else who was effected by this storm. I dont know who you are, but Im praying for you.

Dangling columns.


Our bedroom.

Our bedroom.

The tree removal guys worked from 4pm until 10pm Monday night and got this far. Monday night was like a street party on our street. Cable was out, so everyone brought their lawn chairs and camped out in front of our house to watch the removal of the tree. It was actually a really fun night of bonding with our neighbors.
Michael said was slightly sauced by the end of the night.

The tree was completely off the house by about 6pm Tuesday.
Daddy and Wade watching the crane.

The good news is that no one was injured and our beautiful window boxes survived.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wade is famous!

Well, not really, but he did win third place in the Whole Foods "Baby's Favorite Food Contest" and we got a smacking $25 gift card to Whole Foods. We were at Whole Foods one day and an employee saw Wade gobbling down watermelon. She told us that we should send in a picture because he was a cute eater. So we did.

Check it out the Whole Foods Website.

The first place winner is absolutely adorable and makes me smile.

Wade is on his way to stardom. Ha!

Monday, April 13, 2009


Our house suffered a slight injury today, maybe total damage.  No one was hurt, just a little shaken up. Stay tuned.. Im sure this will be an adventure. 

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

For me(and my family), Easter is a time to remember Jesus, his selfless life, his teachings, his death and resurrection. This means so much because EVERYTHING Jesus did was for us. He loves us that much.

Today, remembering Jesus and his life makes me want to live a more selfless life, for my marriage, my son, my family, my friends and also for people that I dont even know. I want to live the life God planned for me.

Thank you Jesus for dying for us and giving us the opportunity for an eternal life in heaven. Help me to live my life according to your purpose for me.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Palmetto Bluff

We sure are having a much needed relaxing time at the beach/marsh.

Wade loves the pool. All day long he says "poooool." Im so glad that the weather has warmed up and we are able to swim. It was in the 40s and 50s for a few days. Here are a few cute pics of Wade in the water.