Monday, August 31, 2009

So anxious!

Wade starts school tomorrow. I had no idea that I would be so anxious and emotional about it, but I totally am. Wade has hardly been away from me since he was born unless he was with one of his grandmas, Precious or Mimi. At this point we can't even send him to our church nursery without getting a phone call " come get your baby." The worst part about it is that he has no idea what's coming. I'm sure he will adjust eventually, but I know it will be really hard to leave him for a few weeks. Maybe it will just be hard on me, ha!

There are so many rules and things to do to prepare him for school and I dont want to miss anything. I have read the school handbook about 11 times.

Wade tried on his backpack today to practice for his first day. He looked so cute.

Oh! No "b's"(pacifiers) allowed at school! I feel like Im pushing Wade off a plank with his hands tied behind his back. He only has it during nap and night time now, but when family is not around he NEEDS it.

Will keep you posted on how the first day goes....I'm going to stay really busy while he is at school!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

I dont know what to think about this

At least he isnt drawing on the floor or walls anymore.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Funny Picture

I was just looking through my photos and started laughing when I saw this pic. Wade mid - fall, tripping over the blanket. He looks happy in the picture. Im glad I didn't get the next shot of him falling flat on his face.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fresh Eggs!

Fresh Eggs for the Kellers. Eleven, one day old chicks arrived on the doorstep via FedEx this week(@ Michael's parent's house).

Right when their egg shell cracks and the chicks are born, an expert determines their sex and the girls are shipped off. No roosters/males are allowed within the city limits of Atlanta, so the ones we recieved are all females. When the chickens are 4-5 months old, they start laying eggs. Since there isn't a rooster around to make a baby chick-a-dee , the chickens lay unfertilized eggs...and they lay about one per day! They sit on them and protect them even though they will never turn into baby chicks. So there's your chicken sex - education for the day.

We kept the chicks in a box in the house under a heat lamp for a few days and then moved them outside to the chicken coop. They are all different kinds of chickens, so their eggs will all look different. Some green, blue, brown and yellow eggs.

This is round 3 of chickens for the Kellers. I think Cathy Keller has started a trend in Buckhead. Lots of these buckhead moms now have chicken coops in their backyard...and even the Chattooga Club in Cashiers got chickens too!

Im not sure if I will be getting a chicken coop in my backyard anytime soon...but I sure am excited about the fresh eggs.

Oh! And Wade loves the chicks. Every morning he says "chicks?" So we walk out to the coop check on them.

Wade had to watch them while eating lunch.

Freckles loves the chicks too.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Wade Artwork# 3. This happened in about 30 seconds and I'm sure the whole time Wade was stamping away he was saying "no, no. " Mimi laughed when she saw it and wanted to save it for Michael to see. I'm just hoping Daddy Reed doesn't see it or we will all be in trouble :)

Stamps were all over the carpet and door as well. Happy cleaning to me.

Wade artwork #1 - purple marker all over the Keller's stone floor in the mud room.
Wade artwork #2 - green crayon all over wooden table.

We need to get back into our house before we destroy the Keller's house.

Wade artwork #4 - Coming soon??

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It may have been an accident...

but Wade went tee-tee in the potty. No joke. I couldn't believe it.

Mimi bought him two toddler toilets yesterday. I put him on it last night before bath time to let him give it a try. He made all the appropriate noises and wincing facial expressions without success. I think he may have been doing this for my entertainment.

Tonight I plopped him on the potty again with a book while I was turning on the bath water. A few seconds later he jumps up and yells "Yay!" I looked into his frog toilet and there it was. Tee-tee! I was shocked and so proud at the same time.

I think this may have been just good timing on my part...but I had to announce the good news.

Btw, I cant believe Im writing about my little one going tee-tee. It is partly because Im a proud mom and partly because I want to have a record of this funny/memorable incident.

I will spare you the pictures, although I did not actually take any.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Just a little tantrum

Wade will be two in October and is growing more and more independent. Every time I try to take a picture of him, he starts screaming crying and wanting to look at the picture I took of him on the camera. The problem is that he is screaming in every picture! So now, I just have to sneak around and take pictures of him or find something that interests him more than the camera.

Below are a few pictures of a tantrum caused by the camera.

Mad Face

Uh oh! Here it comes...

Wowsers. (this pic makes me laugh)

Poor buddy, so upset.

And he lost it.

Now for a happy Wade picture. He is smiling because he thinks he is going to get the camera.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Michael's Brithday

Last weekend we celebrated Michael's 26th birthday. Precious was in town to play with Wade, so we were able to scoot off to dinner. Uncle Chip and the Kings joined us for dinner in Decatur @ Leons. It was so fun to try a new restaurant...thanks for the recommendation Jenny. I grabbed a few pics to show off this cool spot.

Our after dinner treat....a movie...Confessions of a Shopaholic. Chosen by the joke. They practically begged to watch it. It was hilarious!

Oh! Michael received a juicer for his birthday. I will have to share some of the crazy juice drinks we have been making soon.

The best appitizer.....mmmmm.

Two completed websites!

I recently finished two websites. One for a residential and commercial hardscape company and another for an accident reconstruction company. They were both wonderful clients and I would recommend their services to anyone. Check them out!

Hemma Concrete

Collision Specialists Inc.

Up next....Atlanta Plastic Surgery.