Saturday, March 28, 2009

Look what I found in our basement

Alive! And he got away and is probably still living in our basement.

I am so scared that it is just going to appear somewhere in our house. I spent about an hour researching different types of snakes and found out that this snake is NOT poisonous. Thank goodness!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Truly, one of the best inventions of all time.

Wade loves his Crocs and wants to wear them at all times. They are SO easy to clean. Genius. I actually love mine too. Someone made fun of us a few days ago for having matching Crocs. Dont knock them until you try them.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My little mess

I have not posted anything to my blog in a while because I lost my camera charger! No pictures will usually mean no blogging for me. What is a blog without pictures of the Wado anyway?

Wade has been quite a mess lately, but a wonderful mess! He makes me laugh all the time.

I am constantly amazed by what he understands. He even know how to microwave his own milk. Today Wade was with Cathy(MiMi) at Jessica's shop and Cathy said that Wade walks right into the office, milk in hand, walks over to the microwave, opens the door, places his milk inside, closes the door, and somehow manages to start the microwave. Wow. I laughed so hard when Cathy told me that he did this. The funny thing is that he refuses to drink cold milk, so warming is a necesity. He always says "hot?" before he drinks it, because it just MUST be warm.

More posts coming soon! See a few pics of my little mess below.

One of our neighbors, down the street, has a swing in their front yard. Everyday when we go outside Wade immediately heads in their direction. He knows exactly where it is. We had the same swing sitting in our attic and finally decided to hang it, Wade was so excited to have his own swing.

Here Wade is watching Michael hang the swing from his hangout in the tree.

Swinging! He was in his swing for an entire hour after we hung it.

Nice little Saturday morning breakfast.

Checking out the latest toddler fashions for spring.

Good morning.

Checking out trucks on the computer.

Shredding the paper.

He can take everything out of our drawers before I even know what he is up to.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Trucks are Wade's new obsession. It used to be airplanes, but this week we have moved on to trucks. He says the word about 500 times every day. He can not actually pronounce the word correctly, it is more about the WAY he says truck than pronouncing the actual word. It sounds more like "shuck" or "suck" or "tuck" or just anything with an loud, excited "uck" noise.

So all day long we are on a truck hunt. I made the mistake of showing him some pictures and videos of trucks on our computer, and now he climbs into our computer chair and then onto the desk shouting "tuck, tuck" any chance he gets. We also have a truck watching post at the end of our street, so we walk to the end of our street about 3 times everyday to spot trucks. I have a new found appreciation for trucks. Really! And there sure are lots of nice truck drivers who honk at us while we wave. We took a trip to the fire station a few weeks ago and boy! was that exciting. The firemen let us sit in the trucks and check everything out. Wade was covered in wheel grease when we left.

I believe this is his favorite truck pic, but I will have to let Wade confirm. Wade?

Monday, March 2, 2009

A New Experience

We spent most of Atlanta's snow day at Mimi and Daddy Reed's house. Michael and Wade went to their house early on Sunday and I stayed home to TRY to finish a web design project that I had promise Monday as the completion date. I was not successful. I was too excited about the snow to focus on what I was doing, I just wanted to watch the snow storm(unbelievable for Atlanta). So, I stared out the window for a few hours before I realized I wasn't getting anything done and decided to hop in the car to go see my boys.

Wade had the best time playing in the snow even though he was nervous about it at first. He got very upset when it got on his shoes and did not like everyone throwing snow balls. Even though he did not like playing in the snow, he wanted to be outside and take it all in. He just enjoyed the snow for its beauty :)

We decided to spend the night at Michael's parents and it was so fun to have everyone there!

It sure was a fun day even though I was up until 2am finishing my project, thank goodness it is now done.

Probably one of the only pictures we have of all 3 of us. LOVE them.

Very carefully walking through the snow.

Wade is very thoughtful in this pic. Just taking it all in.

Wade and Michael doing their "funny faces."