Friday, June 26, 2009

Back to the basics

I decided it was time to get rid of my Christmas blog design and sprite it up for summer. So, this is my first 10 minute attempt to clean up & simplify the design. Back to a basic - no design - blog for now, but I will be creating a new design for it soon(as soon as I am inspired, not working and it is not 1:30 AM - so it may be a while :) ).

Night night!

Monday, June 22, 2009

This makes me laugh everytime!

Someone has a little poo in the pants....

btw, take a look at our beautiful new house in the background of the video; great lighting, lots of space and just the right pop of color. Ahhh....I wish ;)

When we move home Wade is going to say "where is my pool, where is my trampoline and where are all my playrooms." We are definitely enjoying it while we can.

It has been a while

Well, it has been quite a while since I have made a post to my blog. Life has been so busy around here! I will give a quick recap of what we have been up to over the past month and a half or so.

Wade and I took a trip to Birmingham for a whole week in May. It was so nice to be at home and spend time with my sweet mom. I can never get enough QT with her these days. We did just about everything(mostly for Wade's entertainment): the McWane Center, the Zoo, Homewood park with wonderful high school friends and their little ones, Emmit O'neal Library, the Hoover library, and the carousel at the Galleria. I got lots of web design work done, and it felt so good to be ahead on my work! We definitely missed Michael while in Bham, but I'm sure he enjoyed a slow relaxing week without us around as well.

McWane Center - Wade thought this was a ride.

Michael and my brother Chip competed in an Olympic Triathlon in St. Simons last month. They both did really well and are training for another race that is coming up in a few weeks. Wade and I will be traveling with them to cheer them on this time. I may have to make some posters(shh. dont tell). I'm so proud of them....what a great accomplishment. I could never have the discipline(exercise wise) to train everyday, as I am pleased with myself when I work out 2X per week.

What else.....well, Michael and I went to a wedding on Amelia Island over Memorial Day weekend. On this trip we realized what party poopers we are. We were ready to go to bed by 11pm everynight when all of our buddues stayed up till moning light. I guess we have just deemed ourselves as responsible parental units that must act responsible at all times, even when not in the presence of our baby boy. Oh well, we had fun reguardless. Michael's parents took care of Wade while we were gone. We missed him so much! It felt weird to be on the beach for hours with no one to take care of.

This week, Wade has been so sick! He had a 102-103 degree fever for 4 days, then broke out in a rash all over his body. The rash is still present and itching and he keeps saying his eyes and mouth hurt. He can hardly drink anything without grabbing this mouth and crying. We took him to the doctor, and it took 4 people to hold him down so that the doctor could look in his ears and mouth. They were like, my... you have a strong child. He has been in my arms day and night for the past week and just wants to hold his blanket, suck his pacifier and watch Barney. We had almost gotten rid of that pacifier for good before he got sick....DARN! It has been so nice to snuggle with him so much, but I hate that he feels so bad. I do think he is on the mend.

We are still living at Michael's parents house and are hoping that re-construction(due to a tree fall) on our house will start this week. Please! We are waiting to obtain a building permit from the city of Atlanta. So, hopefully our application for the permit and house drawings haven't fallen into a large black "city of ATL" hole. Which, considering our experience with the city of Atlanta trash and water services, I would not be surprised to learn about a mishap. The good news is that from the time re-building starts, it should only be 3 months until we can move back in. I can't wait to pick out all new paint colors and buy new furniture for our room. Also, Wade is getting a new room, so it will be fun to decorate his room with cars, trucks, planes and boats...all his favorite things. Maybe even a big boy bed for Wade.

Well, that wasnt the quick recap of the past month that I had planned on typing, but there you go.

A few recent pics below.


Loves tomato soup

Trying on shoes

Being cute

Being cute

Mom's sunglasses