Monday, August 31, 2009

So anxious!

Wade starts school tomorrow. I had no idea that I would be so anxious and emotional about it, but I totally am. Wade has hardly been away from me since he was born unless he was with one of his grandmas, Precious or Mimi. At this point we can't even send him to our church nursery without getting a phone call " come get your baby." The worst part about it is that he has no idea what's coming. I'm sure he will adjust eventually, but I know it will be really hard to leave him for a few weeks. Maybe it will just be hard on me, ha!

There are so many rules and things to do to prepare him for school and I dont want to miss anything. I have read the school handbook about 11 times.

Wade tried on his backpack today to practice for his first day. He looked so cute.

Oh! No "b's"(pacifiers) allowed at school! I feel like Im pushing Wade off a plank with his hands tied behind his back. He only has it during nap and night time now, but when family is not around he NEEDS it.

Will keep you posted on how the first day goes....I'm going to stay really busy while he is at school!

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