Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ivy - 6 weeks

Ivy had her one month check-up last week(she was actually 5 weeks). She weighed 9 lbs 11oz. and was 22 3/4 in. long. She is still the sweetest, easiest baby. It seems like she sleeps all the time. She loves to sleep in our bed and watch the fan. She goes crazy over it, smiling, squealing and kicking at it. She loves her bath also and just kicks around the whole time. It looks like a workout. She grabs at everything; my necklace, clothes and has grabbed my loose neck skin quite a few times :) She also hits at something when she wants it, she hits her binky when it falls out of her mouth and hits me when she is ready to nurse. She loves to have her hair petted. It is really sweet she just closes her eyes and falls asleep every time someone pets her head. She is such a good snuggler too(is snuggler a word?).

Ivy spits up all the time! Wade did this too. We both change outfits about 5 times a day. Sometimes it seems like she spits up everything she has eaten, but she is gaining weight so Im not too worried. After she eats I burp her really well, then keep her upright for at least 30 minutes and she usually still spits up. I hate it when it comes out of her nose, Im sure it doesnt feel good. The doctor didnt seem concerned about it, but I just want her to be comfortable. Wade always asks, "is she going to spit up on me?", " is she going to spit up on my toys?", "why is she spitting up?"

Wade was driving cars all over Ivy a few days ago and stopped and looked at her and said " she is so beautiful." I thought it was so funny / sweet. I guess he has heard other people saying that. I think he is warming up to her because he seems concerned whenever she cries and asks what we should do to make her feel better(most of the time). I caught him talking to her a few days ago. He was asking her if she liked Lightening McQueen and Sally(characters from the movie Cars). Then he told me that Ivy smiled at him. Today he held Ivy for the first time, he just laughed and said she was so wiggly. He even gave her a kiss! Wade takes a long time to get used to change. I think he is going to be a great big brother.

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Jennifer said...

Mary, that last picture is so Wade! I love her and you and the rest of the fam so much!