Friday, July 16, 2010


We need some help potty training. Wade seems to understand the whole process, but is refusing to use the potty. The pull-ups now have a picture on the front and when they are wet the picture disappears - as Wade explains in the video below. Maybe he just isnt ready?

He thinks potty training has something to do with trains. I did make the mistake of giving him a train the first time he went to the potty. Im sure that added to the confusion.

Off to find some literature about potty training boys.

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elizabeth said...

Mary--I feel your pain on the potty training thing. We just finally are 100% all the time (except sleeping) trained. It took us 8 weeks. HA. I honestly thought it would take us 2. David was showing signs of being ready, but I kind of had to push him into really trying it. The first 2 days he begged for diapers. For a full week, he went barebottomed at home. We had a chart--he got stickers--and if he got 7 days of stickers he got a train or whatever. That worked well, but it took 3 days of tons of accidents for him to click in his head what it feels like to need to tee tee. Then leaving the house was a whole other story. It was exhausting. We did pull-ups in the car and for errands until about 2 weeks ago when I knew I could trust his judgment and believed that no meant no. He is doing great now and wears underwear, but it was a journey!!!! Good luck to you and feel free to shoot me an email or fbook message if you want to bounce ideas around.