Thursday, September 2, 2010

My little Man

Wade is really such a little man! We went to visit his preschool last week, so I dressed him in a button down vineyard vines dress shirt and khaki shorts - maybe a bit mature for his age but we didnt really have any other options since daddy has forbid john johns. So, we went to eat & play at chick-fil-a after wards and everyone was commenting on how he looked like a little man. I was like, "oh yes, I just picked him up from his office." One woman said "your children are born looking grown up already." She thought Ivy was 6 months(she is 3 mo. ! ) I just laughed. Must be that hair. I certainly think they look like babies.

Wade is so funny these days, as always. He thinks Im a jungle gym and climbs all over me, even when Im nursing. He climbs on everything and if he cant reach something will get his stool or chair to assist. He can destroy our house in about 2 seconds and take 2 hours for him to pick it up. He is so busy all day long; talking, singing, climbing, playing, pretending. He loves to feel secure and still loves his blanket even though it stays at home all the time now. He is scared of the dark because he thinks spiders will get him in the dark. Sometimes I go into his room in the morning and he has turned on all his lights before falling asleep. He has very nice manners and always says " oh, kank (thank) you mommy." He likes to ask me if he has nice manners all the time too. He hates the sun in his eyes, loud noises(the blender), Ivy crying too much, having his hair washed. He is still very sensitive. He loves structure and knowing the schedule for the day. After a timeout, he comes to find me with a smile on his face and tears in his eyes and says " Im so sorry." It makes me want to cry too! He still refuses to potty train. He loves trains, Precious(my mom), singing, snuggling, playing chase & wrestling, cookies, chocolate milk. He has become such a better eater lately and usually eats whatever we eat for dinner. Im loving this! He likes to recite lines from movies and tv shows. He likes to make up words. Daddy reads to him every night and recently he loves Dr. Suess books and recites lines from the books all day. He is so wonderful and I just love watching him learn and grow. Im a proud mommy.

Me: Wade, lets see your new smile.
Wade: Let me fink(think) about it.

Wait for it....

There it is! This is the only smile I can get from him these days. Cute.

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